Thursday, October 1, 2015

Another Day, Another Splash Pad

After we got flu shots (no fun!), we headed to the park to meet Nana and Papa. We rode bikes, had a picnic on the grass, and played on the playground. After we were hot and sweaty (which didn't take long), we went to a splash pad around the corner from my parents' house. I swear our goal this year was to visit every splash pad in Arizona. ;) I honestly can't think of anything better to do when it's THIS hot outside, can you? And's officially October. When you think of October, don't you automatically think of cooler weather? Not here! 103 whopping degrees today! Come on, Arizona. You are killing me with this heat.

McCartney never ceases to surprise me with how brave she is. She was begging me to get down on the ground and then literally crawled at the speed of lighting to get to the wet part of the splash pad. She cracks me up, this one. 

Presley and Jackson had always. They especially enjoyed the part when Papa joined them and got completely wet. I wish I would have gotten a picture of that!!!

Happy Thursday! I will be over here praying that it gets cooler soon. Until then...splash pads it is!

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