Saturday, October 24, 2015

11 Months Old

Happy 11 months, McCartney!

1. You are completely over picture-taking. Boo for mom!
2. You have 4 top teeth that have poked through and two bottom teeth as well.
3. You are standing but not walking. I thought you were close but every time I practice with you, you sit right down like, "Nope, Mom. Not yet." And I am completely okay with that. You crawl as long as you want, baby! :)
4. You are obsessed with the remote and my phone and will go to great lengths to find and reach them.
5. You are so ticklish and have the best laugh.
6. You smile at me like I am an angel. Please keep doing that for the rest of your life. Pretty please.
7. You are talking so much and saying more and more sounds/words every day.
8. You are extremely observant like your sissy was.
9. You have your own look. Most days I think you look so much like Jackson but others I think you don't look like anyone in our family. 
10. You have blonde hair that keeps getting lighter.
11. You have gray/blue eyes that are sooo pretty to stare at.
12. You love eating anything and everything. 
13. You take one long (2.5-3 hour afternoon nap) and you sleep from 6:30pm-5:30am. 
14. You make the cutest grunting sound when you are eating something and enjoying it.
15. You can wave hello, shake your head "no," reach for the lights to turn them off, give kisses, give high-fives, and say "oh."
16. You are better than homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

Still in complete denial that you are going to be ONE in a month but I have already started party planning anyway...

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