Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Rest of the Nebraska Pics

 ^^^Kyle and I met Lauren and Krissy for lunch and enjoyed our first cocktail of the trip.^^^
 ^^^Nana Margaret and McCartney.^^^
 ^^^We got to witness our nephew Joey's first ever football game. They won by a landslide.^^^
 ^^^Kyle showed me where he went to high school and we got to see a Friday football game there too. It is such a nice school!^^^
 ^^^This picture makes my heart explode with happiness.^^^
 ^^^Lauren took SUCH good care of my kids while we were there. They LOVE her.^^^
 ^^^Papa Larry and his girl. Every morning.^^^
 ^^^Every day, Papa would walk Jackson and Presley down to the park to play.^^^

 ^^^Geri kept all three of my crazy kids overnight. They sure wore her out. But she enjoyed every minute of it. What a great grandma, she is!^^^
 ^^^When Madison, Abbey, and Joey are around---nobody else exists.^^^
 ^^^Hugs from Great Granny VT.^^^
 ^^^I honestly love this woman more than words can say. She is one of the best people to ever walk this earth. She is filled with funny (inappropriate) jokes, good cooking, laughter, the most tender heart, and the best conversations.^^^
 ^^^Granny's crew. Only missing: Morgan, Khloe, and Kolette.^^^

We had the best time in Nebraska! We are already talking about our next trip back. Maybe the beginning of December!!!

P.S. Thank you to all of Kyle's family for their hospitality and help with the monsters...I mean kids. Kim took 2 days off of work and spent the entire time with them (literally from morning to night). Kris took the kids for a couple evenings, and Granny and Geri took them overnight. Margaret and Larry helped out a ton and catered to their every need. I got so much time with my husband, and I appreciate it more than ever!

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