Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jacksonisms: Things Jackson Says and Does

1. Every time he eats something: "Mmmmmm. Yummy in my tummy." (While rubbing his belly). 
2. To Nana: "Mommy is going to be so happy to see me!"
3. "We're here!!!!!!!!!!"
4. "I cried a lot." 
5. "Pinky promise."
6. "Story Daddy?"
7. He wants to play football every night with his dad.
8. "Hiiii Tiger." (Referring to Kyle who acts like a tiger every night).
9. "I cute."
10. "Presley go to school. I not, though. I stay with Mommy. Yay!"
11. "Can I have a coin, Daddy? I was good."
12. He makes a mess with every single food item he eats. I will literally find traces of it on the wall and in random places.
13. He took all the food out of the pantry and placed it on the couch.
14. He used my eyeliner as body paint.
15. "I love you more."
16. He kisses McCartney ever so gently out of the blue. It's my favorite.
17. "NOOOOOO pictures, Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!"
18. "TV, Mommy? I want Peppa Pig!"

He is talking up a storm these days so I am sure I am forgetting a million other cute things he is saying and doing. I will add them if I think of them.

He is great at driving me crazy, making messes, cracking me up, and making everyone's heart melt into a puddle of goo-ALL AT THE SAME TIME. He is literally the happiest kid in the world and we sure love him to pieces!

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