Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cross Country Meet

We drove an hour to Seward, Nebraska to see our nieces, Madison and Abbey run in their cross country meet. There was so much grass and open fields for my kids to run around in, so they were in heaven. 

It was really nostalgic seeing Madison and Abbey run and push through the heat and tiredness to finish the race. They did so well too! As I was watching them cross the finish line, I got a little emotional. First, it made me sad that we don't live closer to Kyle's family. It would be nice for the kids to grow up around their cousins. Second, it made me picture the day we will be cheering on our kids in their own race. And last, it made me admire the hardwork that all these racers put into this sport. Gets ya a little teary-eyed, if you ask me. 

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