Thursday, September 24, 2015

10 Months Old

Happy 10 months baby!

1. have 2 fang teeth (haha),
2. are so close to walking,
3. are always happy, 
4. follow your brother and sister everywhere,
5. love to play in the dog's water bowls,
6. wake up every time the car stops,
7. have the loudest scream and the cutest laugh,
8. eat everything you can get your hands on,
9. take the longest morning nap and the shortest afternoon one,
10. have a love for pickles and ranch (just like your momma),
11. don't like carrots (can't blame you),
12. love banging on the shower glass to say "hi" to your Daddy,
13. make the stars shine brighter.

Gosh, I cannot even put into words how much we love you!

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