Friday, August 14, 2015

Pictures from the Week

 ^^^A rare moment where these 3 kiddos were playing nicely (and quietly).^^^
 ^^^My mom watched Jackson and McCartney so that Presley and I could get pedicures. I sure love spending time with this girl. It does not happen enough.^^^
 ^^^Took McCartney to an impromptu doctor's appointment because she kept tugging on her right ear. Thank goodness it was just from teething and wasn't an ear infection. I have been lucky to keep this girl sick-free for 8.5 months. Lets hope her good health continues...^^^
 ^^^McCartney was trying to steal Pokey's strawberries. Looks like we have another berry lover in this family.^^^
 ^^^A much needed date night to Preston's at the Citadel. The food was great, the wine even better--but it didn't even compare to this guy's company. The anniversary dinner we never got.^^^
 ^^^These three can drive me wild. Really wild. But they sure are worth the madness.^^^
 ^^^I am convinced she is part baby/part dog.^^^
^^^She likes to stand up and play, fall over, and then stand up and play again.^^^ 
 ^^^Turned 31 on Wednesday. Went shopping with my mom and then ate sushi with Kyle that evening. Tomorrow we are heading to the Dierk's Bentley concert. Can't wait. I have a feeling this year is going to be a heck of a lot better than the last.^^^

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