Thursday, August 6, 2015

Paint Our Nostrils

 ^^^Awww, he looks so sweet and innocent here. Don't believe it. ;)^^^

 ^^^If you look closely, you can see the paintbrush making its way up Jackson's nose.^^^

 I took the kids to Mud Pie Art Studio yesterday to paint. I have been trying to get the kids out of the house more because (even though it is A LOT of work) they start to get restless when we stay home all day. Presley absolutely enjoyed herself and could have painted the whole studio if I would have let her. She took it very seriously and decorated a beautiful princess castle. Jackson was over it in about 2 minutes. He decided sticking the paintbrush up his nose (see pic above) was a much better idea. He even tried to eat the paint at one point. Oh Lord, help me. Haha. After having a stern talking with him (and getting him some more paint colors), he caved in and finished his football piggy bank. I might have helped a little. It turned out pretty colorful and quite honestly, the coolest football I have ever seen. Presley and I decided that all footballs should look like this. However, it might be a little bit distracting on the field. As we were waiting for the masterpieces to dry, I did everything in my power to prevent Jackson from breaking one of the hundreds of ceramic sculptures. It was exhausting. He just doesn't like to hear "no" or "don't touch that." Can you blame him? ;) We managed to escape with no damage and made it home just in time to get a nap. I put my feet up because man! Who would have thought painting would be so much work?! 

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