Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oh Boy!

Jackson definitely keeps us on our toes. He is wild and crazy and wild and crazy! Ha. He is also so very sweet too. But mostly wild and crazy. 

Here are some wild and crazy (and sweet) stories about Jackson:

1. A few months ago, Jackson started putting books in his bed and then would sleep on top of them. I would have to go up in the middle of the night and remove them very slowly and carefully. After many nights of this, I decided to put all his books up high so that he couldn't do this anymore. Well, this boy wasn't fazed. He moved onto to bigger and better: his toys. Every night he would put all his toys in his bed. I, once again, had to remove them once he fell asleep. I finally decided that I needed to lock all of his toys in his closet. This worked for a few nights until Jackson outsmarted his momma. A few days ago, I put Jackson down for a nap. I decided to check the monitor and saw that his bed was FILLED with items. I couldn't even see Jackson. I ran up there (with my phone of course), and up popped Jackson from this tiny corner of his bed. He was crying his eyes out (probably because he had a kink in his neck). I couldn't help but to laugh so hard. He had broken the lock on the closet and put every toy in his bed. BUT...he didn't stop there. He decided to empty every single dresser drawer and put those items in his bed as well. He obviously didn't think that was enough, so he put every shoe (14 pairs) in his bed too. THIS KID!!!!!!! That night, I took every toy and every article of clothing and locked it in the hallway closet. A few hours after putting him to bed for the night, I went up to turn off Jackson's light (he likes to turn that on and we have to wait until he is sound asleep to turn it off). I walked into his room and COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I SAW! He had put his bean bag, empty toy tote, and the few bigger items that were left in his room onto his bed. I literally could not stop laughing!!!! I had to remove those items from his room too. He is now left with a bed and a dresser in his room. I wonder what crazy plan he is going to conjure up next...

2. I started this funny thing where I will randomly call Jackson, "Roberto." He always says: "No mom. I not Roberto. I Jackson." It is so cute. Well recently he started saying back. "Yup. I Roberto." And then he laughs so hard. And I will say, "Okay, Roberto." And then he will say, "I teasing. I not Roberto. I Jackson TERSCH!" Haha. Can't get enough of this boy. 

3. Presley made a cash register with her Kiwi Crate and we have been playing "grocery store" a lot. It is so much fun. Jackson has been sitting back and watching until yesterday. He must have been soaking up the exact routine we have been doing because he wanted it done the same way. He walked up with his grocery cart full of toys and food and said, "This. Scan this." "Cwedit Cawd." "Charge it." "How much?" "Tank you. Have good day." Haha. Such a good little shopper.

4. Every night when I put Jackson to bed, he looks up at me with these big puppy dog eyes and says, "I wuv you Mommy." It melts me every single time. 

5. We went to this jump place called, "Arizona Air Time" last week with Tina and her kids. I went to take Jackson into the bathroom to go potty and before I could follow him into the stall, he locked himself in it and could not figure out how to unlock it. I was stuck outside the stall screaming at him. I could see through the crack that he was sticking his hands in the toilet, touching the tampon box (YUCK!) and pulling the toilet paper off. I wanted to die! There was no way I could crawl underneath because it was such a small we sent Leila to do the job! She crawled under the stall and told Jackson, "You bad. You need to go under here." Then she made him crawl under the stall and back to his momma's arms (and mad face). Leila saved the day! Jackson drives me wild, I tell ya. 

6. Jackson finished swim lessons this summer and he did pretty well (for a 2 year old). I had to lie about his age and say he was 3. Even though I think the instructor was onto me, he didn't seem to mind. Jackson listened pretty well and did MOST of what was asked. He was pretty fearless too. He will jump in that water--no problem. He also loved to hold on to the side and dunk his head under the water 500 times. And every time he did this he would scream out, "MOMMY! I DID IT! I DID IT, MOMMY!" And he would look for my approval. And I would stick my thumb up and say, "Good job, Buddy." And I did this all 500 times. 

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