Monday, August 24, 2015

Nine Months Old

Happy 9 months McCartney!

Some fun facts:
1. She is still toothess;
2. She is standing up, holding on to objects with one hand, and looking like she is ready to take her first step verrrrrry soon;
3. She has sooooo much hair and it just keeps getting thicker and longer by the day;
4. She is very observant and loves to study faces;
5. She can say: Baba, Mama, Dada, Ball, Hi, and a few other noises;
6. She still sucks her thumb;
7. She loves to play with the bin full of sippy cups;
8. She absolutely enjoys being in the pool and is content as can be on her back;
9. She looks forward to bath time;
10. She is mesmerized by her brother and sister and they can always get the biggest laugh out of her;
11. She has the best belly laugh;
12. She is a chunky monkey and weighs a little over 19 pounds;
13. She sleeps on her belly;
14. She is taking shorter naps;
15. She is curious about everything.
16. She loves "Dora the Explorer" and will smile so big as soon as she hears the theme song.
17. She makes clicking sounds with her tongue.
18. She is still the sweetest, calmest baby ever. 

We love you, sweet girl!

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