Thursday, August 27, 2015


1. This week was Spirit Week at school and one day Presley got to dress up as a princess. Before we left she said to me, "How dare you call me Presley. My name is Snow White."
2. Presley got invited to be in Kindergarten a year early. She was observed for a few days and was doing just as well as the 5 and 5.5 year old kids in her class. Kyle and I could not pass up this opportunity. She will be attending school 4 days a week and making up her daily work on the day she misses. She will still attend Kindergarten again next year (at a new school), because she is too young but she will now be so incredibly ready and ahead of the game. They told me she should be reading my December! She brings a backpack to school (cutest thing ever) and has homework every night. She even has spelling tests every Friday! 
3. "Why did God make eyebrows? They don't do anything." Haha. I couldn't even answer this question because I often wonder the same thing.
4. Mom. When am I going to have big boobs like you?"
5. "I saw a shooting star. I wished for Jackson to be a good boy and for him to never poop in his underwear."
6. We were practicing her spelling words and she said, "Mom! I know them. This is just way too easy."
7. "Whatever."
8. "Not cool, Mom."
9. "I'm the boss, so just get over it." 

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