Friday, July 31, 2015

Little Miss Diva

 ^^^This girl likes to come out of my closet in my clothes. Today, she found my slouchy beanie. She looked so cute in it that naturally, I had to take some pictures. Presley was totally fine with that. She loves posing in front of the camera. She will do all the model faces: mad, sad, angry, duck lips, happy, tongue out, attitude--you name it. She cracks me up.^^^
 ^^^Presley loves spending time with Pokey. She always asks me a million questions about him: "Does he have any teeth? How long will he live? Does he have a girlfriend? Why does he like strawberries so much?"^^^
 ^^^We took swim lessons this summer through the City of Phoenix. I am so proud of this girl. Weeks ago she was scared to swim without floaties and today she is swimming all by herself. She is even diving for rings at the bottom of the pool. It makes me realize how much she is changing and growing. It all happens so fast (cue tears).^^^
^^^She collected each rock one by one, climbed up to her favorite hiding place, and made shapes that she called, "nature art." She is such a beautiful soul.^^^
^^^Total Diva. I am in trouble with this one.^^^

Happy Friday, you all!

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