Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy Friday

^^^Obsessing over this picture of KiKi and Carts. It looks like it could be an ad for a magazine!^^^
^^^The wind was blowing and McCartney's hair was sticking straight up. I was laughing so hard.^^^
^^^Such a mean sister. ;)^^^

Christy and I took the kids to Desert Ridge Marketplace yesterday. First, we shopped at Carter's (I could spend a million dollars in that store), and then we ate lunch at Dave and Buster's. The waiter was so nice and gave us some free arcade coins to play games upstairs. And he kept saying to Jackson, "Man. You are a good looking dude." Haha. I have to agree with him. He scored an extra big tip for that comment. ;) After we stuffed our faces, we headed upstairs to play games. We quickly decided that we need to wait a few more years or bring 1-2 less kids because it was a MAD HOUSE! Jackson kept running around all over and I was scared I was going to lose him for good. Presley was getting frustrated because she wanted us to pay attention to her playing a game, and McCartney was over being in her stroller. So...we left and walked down to the splash pad. That was the best idea we had all day because us adults got to sit down, the older kids got to entertain themselves, and McCartney was happy as a clam playing with my water bottle and camera lens. :) Presley and Jackson got soaking wet and were loving life. At one point, Presley asked me to use McCartney's bottle so that she could fill it with water. She then used it to dump water all over Jackson's head (see above). Right after that, Jackson walked up to me and said, "Cup, Mom." I think he was plotting his revenge. Ha! 

We ended the afternoon with Cold Stone's ice cream and then headed home for looooooooong naps. Even though I had a great day, I am paying for it today! Man am I sore! My legs aren't used to doing this much work lately. ;)

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