Wednesday, July 15, 2015


1. "Stop being so sensitive, Mom!"
2. Jackson jumped on Kyle and he yelled out in pain. Presley then said, "Did he jump on your balls, Dad?" OMG!
3. Presley was dancing around on the floor and I told her to be careful. She said, "I'm dancing, Mom. My knees are tough."
4. "I'm laughing so hard I might poop on the couch."
5. "I just have lots of questions. I am curious. Okay?"
6. "McCartney will be walking, eventually." "Eventually I will stop whining." Everything is "eventually" these days. Lol.
7. I was reading a book to Presley before bedtime. It was about a little white bunny that discovers all these animals and bugs. After it was over, Presley kept complaining that she didn't want to go to bed. I told her she needed to behave and listen just like the little white bunny. She says, "How do you know the bunny listens? The story didn't say anything about that." I had to hold back my laugh and said, "I just know that, Presley. He is really good." She then asks, "Are you sure? Are you lying to me, Mom?' Haha. I cannot handle her. I better start getting more creative with my lies...
8. Every morning Presley says to McCartney, "I haven't gotten my morning kiss yet. Come here sweet baby."
9. "Mom. Relax. I will do it in a second." 
10. I gave her eggs this morning for breakfast and she didn't want to eat them. When I asked her about it, she said: "My throat is starting to hurt because it doesn't like egg whites."
11. "Mom, this summer I want to lay out and work on my tan." (See pic above)

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