Monday, July 13, 2015

Baths and Potty Training

We spend a lot of time in the bath these days. Sometimes we take two a day. Why? Because these little monkeys are messssssssy. They manage to get into piles of dirt, get more food on their bodies than in their mouth, get into mommy's makeup and nail polish, and get random-God knows what-particles on their clothes. I think they secretly do it on purpose. They loooooove spending time in the bath. They also loooooove to drive their momma crazy. 

We just started potty training Jackson on Thursday and it is going sooooo well! I honestly thought we would attempt it and have to reattempt it a few months later. Shame on me for doubting my boy! He is totally ready and totally gets it. He has gone on the potty several times. He, of course, has had a few accidents. One time he peed on the rug, another time he pooped in the playroom. He also peed on the slide. Ha. That's another reason we have been taking so many baths lately.

Funny/gross story:
This morning I was in the playroom playing with McCartney when I heard Jackson go into the bathroom. A few minutes later I heard Jackson say: "Noooooooo, Colby. That gross, Colby. You no do that!" I went in to see what the commotion was about. I could clearly see that Jackson had gone poop and pee on his little potty (Hooray!) but I could also see that Colby had eaten some of Jackson's poop (GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!) I guess I better teach Jackson to keep the door closed after he goes. Yuck!

Potty training is hard work but I am glad Jackson is getting it! When I put his "big boy" undies on him last night, I started to cry. He is growing up too fast. At least the picture of Mickey Mouse on his butt reminds me he is still my baby. :)

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