Friday, July 17, 2015

Aaaaaamazing Jake's!

 ^^^Check out that map. This place is huge!^^^

 ^^^Passed out! Can't get over that double chin.^^^

***I chose to do all these pics in black and white because the lighting was TERRIBLE and I couldn't properly capture the bright colors. Plus, I am obsessed with making photos black and white these days because they look sooooo cool.

Now that I am feeling better, my mom and I decided to start back up on our weekly adventures. This week we chose to go to Amazing Jake's! I have seen my second cousin, Alexa post pictures of her and her girls here and it looked like such a fun place. Well, it totally exceeded our expectations. It is an indoor amusement park and arcade with so many rides/games for all ages. It also has a huge pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert buffet. The food was pretty good too, so we definitely took advantage of that. You can eat your food in certain areas that each have a specific theme. We chose the movie theatre room and got to watch a kid friendly movie while we stuffed our faces. Such a neat idea!

Presley was sooo daring and wanted to ride every single ride. I was way more scared than she was. She was calm, cool, and collected. I think she is ready for Disneyland! Poor Jackson wanted to ride every ride too but unfortunately, was only able to ride some. Next year, Buddy. McCartney rode on the train and the carousal and had the biggest smile on her face the whole time. :)  

Even though we drove 45 minutes to get here, it was totally worth it. I think we might be coming back soon. But next time-no tea cup rides for me. I almost threw up. I am getting wayyyy too old for these things. 

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