Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Time

One of the main things that made me the most upset about this injury was the fact that it took away so many precious weeks with my daughter. I wanted this 9 months off to be spent bonding with this sweet babe. She is my last baby so I really wanted to soak up every ounce of her while she is still a "baby." Although I still have had a ton of time with her, I was anxious about summer approaching. I know how fast it flies by and how quickly I would be back at work and sending this girl to daycare. Well, finally this injury has brought something good.

After talking to my orthopedic doctor and my infection doctor, they do not want me returning to work until January 2016. My body has gone through an incredible amount of stress and the last thing they want me to do is adding even more stress by returning to work. I still need to heal and recover. So...even though I will be taking time to get better, I will also have more time to bond with my daughter. And I will get more time with Presley and Jackson too. I will enjoy every second I get with my babies. Maybe this injury happened for a reason...

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