Thursday, May 28, 2015

What Jackson is Saying and Doing

^^^Took 100 selfies on my phone.^^^
^^^So sick of taking pictures.^^^
^^^Laid down next to McCartney and said, "I wuv you, Sissy."

 I started to mention in an earlier post how much Jackson is talking these days. We were a little worried about how little he was talking before but everyone kept saying, "Oh he will just wake up one day and it will all click and you won't be able to get him to shut up." Well, they were right. He is talking up a storm now. Here are some of the cute things he has said lately:
1. "Bless you Momma."
2. When Kyle asked him if he liked his haircut, he said: "Ya. It's cute."
3. "Sissy mean to me."
4. I told him he didn't need to bring his blanket over to Nana's and he said, "Yes I do, mommy."
5. "I love baby."
6. When I tell him it's bedtime, he immediately sits on the couch and points to the TV and says, "No momma. I watch this." He thinks that if he is quiet and watching TV instead of destroying the entire house, I will let him stay up a bit longer. And guess what? Sometimes it actually works.
7. "What ya doing mommy?"
8. "FOOTBALL!" Everything is about football. And sports. And football.
9. "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" (This one is super jumbled but I know what he is saying. Haha).
10. And he wants to point out everything everywhere just so he can hear himself talk.
11. We are trying to teach colors and everything to him is: "Blue or black." Haha.
12. When I ask him if he wants to watch Finding Nemo, he says: "Nemo is sad."
13. "Why mom? Why?" He asks this ALL the time.

^^^He literally made 10 shots in a row. I was so excited I got some of it on video.^^^

Some things Jackson is doing lately:
1. Counts everything.
2. Loves to grab the bottle from me and feed his sister.
3. Copies everything Presley does. I mean EVERYTHING.
4. Destroys everything in the house on the daily.
5. Does not like to hear "no" for an answer.
6. Spends a lot of time in time-out.
7. Takes off his diaper every second. We are going to be attempting potty training within the next few weeks.
8. Shoots baskets like he is Lebron James.
9. Loves Mickey Mouse, Bubble Guppies, Finding Nemo, and Chugginton.
10. Fights with his sister all day long.
11. Likes to feed Pokey.
12. Climbs on everything.
13. Wears mommy and daddy's shoes.
14. Absolutely adores his Daddy.
15. Puts himself in his carseat all by himself.

I could keep going and I am probably forgetting some hilarious ones. I will add them if I think of them. This kid is such a riot. We sure love him. 

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