Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Terrible Two's

 ^^^Literally destroys every inch of the playroom EVERY single day.^^^
 ^^^So mad because I wouldn't let him have 42 granola bars in one day. I had to lock the pantry.^^^

Two is definitely not my favorite age. It is one of the most frustrating ages for both the mom and the kid. For Jackson, he gets so frustrated when things don't go his way. He doesn't understand why he can't have every little thing he wants. For me, I get frustrated when Jackson doesn't understand why he can't have every little he wants. Every time I say the word, "No" tears start flowing like the Niagara Falls. Jackson can cry and scream with the best of them. I swear you could hear him down the street. 

He is starting to play with Presley a lot more (which is nice), but he also gets VERY mad when she doesn't share (which isn't nice). Sometimes he hits her, bites her, or throws himself on the floor and cries so loud. Kyle and I always look at each other and say, "Here we go again." It's kind of hard too because Presley is in the tattle-tale age and we hear her say (a million times a day), "Jackson did this. Jackson did that." Ugh! So annoying! 

Jackson's favorite thing to do every day is destroy every inch of the house. He loves to find new things he hasn't gotten into yet. I swear he wakes up and thinks: What can I do to make momma so mad today? Haha.

Putting all that aside, Jackson is also the sweetest kid in the world. He always says, "Sorry" and gives the biggest hug after he has done something wrong. He is so gentle with McCartney and loves to give her kisses and feed her. He tries so hard to keep up with Presley and do every little thing she does. It is very cute to watch. He is talking SO much more. Every day, I swear he says 10 more words and puts them together in clear sentences. He is even getting more interested in counting and learning colors. And the sweetest thing happened the other day. I was in the other room and I sneezed. All I heard was Jackson yelling out, "Bless you, momma." So even though he can be VERY naughty, he can also be oh so sweet. 

Oh two years old. You are one of the hardest years. But you will go by fast. And one day, I might actually miss you. Maybe. ;)

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