Monday, May 4, 2015

Some Sunshine

 ^^^They were playing so well on the tire swing. They kept going around and around so fast and laughing their heads off. ^^^

 ^^^My little blondie. She has so much hair and its turned into a mullet. Haha. And she is such a mini Jackson. I can't even get over it.^^^

 ^^^My natural beauty.^^^

I took the kids outside to get a little sunshine yesterday. It felt SO good to be outside watching my kids laugh and play. The sun kept hitting my skin and I felt happy for the first time in a long time. 

I am doing so much better. I still have a wound VAC connected to my leg that an at-home nurse changes every two days but it won't be long before it's off. The pain is very tolerable now and I actually look forward to when my nurse shows up. She says that I am healing so fast and so well that she wouldn't be surprised if I am closed up 100% within the next 3 weeks or so. I have weaned myself off all those yucky pain meds and I feel better than I have in weeks. The night sweats have stopped and I am sleeping pretty well. I have lost 20 pounds and look pretty gross so I am working on gaining back some of that weight. 

I started walking without my crutches a few days ago. It is still a pretty awkward walk (aka: limp) but I am getting more and more graceful every day. I even organized some of the house yesterday. It felt so good to do something so simple. 

Here is to a speedy recovery. God I love life so much more when I am feeling good. I know from here on out, I will never take those small moments for granted. I may do a happy dance after I get my first shower. I have to wait until I am 100% healed but its going to be the longest, hottest shower in history. Can't wait!

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