Sunday, May 24, 2015

Six Months Old

McCartney is 6 months old today. I still haven't figured out how to slow down these months that keep flying by. It is so sad to think about the fact that in just 2 and a half months, I will be back to work. I have enjoyed every minute I get with this little girl. She is the absolute sweetest baby. Lately, she has been a little fussy due to her teeth coming in, but other than just wanting to be held a bit more, she is handling it like a champ. And I, of course, don't mind holding her one bit. 

Some fun facts about McCartney:
She is backwards crawling;
she is rocking on all fours (which means she is so close to forward crawling);
she is rolling around like a tumbleweed;
she loves grabbing at people's faces;
she still sleeps through the night and takes two long naps;
she can almost sit up on her own;
she loves the swing in the backyard;
she is so easily amused by Presley and Jackson;
she still sucks her thumb;
she loves bath time;
she can sort-of wave hello;
and she HATES baby food.

We just tried squash and bananas for the first time today and she wasn't a big fan. I will post the pics from that experience soon! :)

Happy 6 months babe!

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