Monday, May 11, 2015

Photo Dump

I have a lot of pictures I post on Instagram or just store in my phone that never make it to the blog. I want to start putting them all on here for record keeping. So here they are. This time, they mostly consist of McCartney and Presley. Jackson is just too busy for me, these days. 

 ^^^She wakes up from nap with the cutest, messiest hair.^^^
 ^^^Presley thinks McCartney is her real life baby doll.^^^
 ^^^These two keep themselves entertained.^^^
 ^^^Cuddles every morning and I am loving it.^^^
 ^^^She watched her sister and brother play for an hour and then grabbed her own toys and started playing along.^^^
 ^^^Smothered in kisses 100 times a day.^^^
 ^^^These girls make me smile.^^^
 ^^^Jackson grabbed the bottle from me and said, "No, mom. I do."

On a side note: McCartney can backwards crawl now and this morning she got up on all fours and started rocking back and forth. She is soooo close to crawling. My life is officially over. Haha.

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