Wednesday, May 13, 2015


1. "I am being really good today...again."
2. "Mom. I am pretty smart. I am so ready for Kindergarten." 
3. Me: "What are you doing Presley?" P: "Just working my booty out."
4. Everything is: "I am 4 now, so I can do that."
5. She looked at my leg when the nurse was changing out the wound VAC and said: "You have a huge hole in your leg. That is BISGUSTING!" Haha.
6. I told her she was beautiful and she said, "You are even more beautiful, mom."
7. "What the heck?!"
8. "Lets get rolling, Mom!"
9. She got in trouble a couple weeks ago and I didn't let her go to the movies with Nana. Later she said to me: "I didn't get to go to the movies because I was acting CRAZY!"
10. We are working on sounding out words and reading. She is doing so well. She can recognize every letter now and make the phonic sound. Now we are just trying to put those sounds together. She is seriously amazing. We are also working on patterns and some math problems. I am determined to have her more than ready for Kindergarten. If I put in the time and effort, I know she will be so prepared! 

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