Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Baby Food is Gross (According to McCartney)

I was so excited for McCartney to turn 6 months for one reason: BABY FOOD! My excitement quickly fizzled when I saw how much McCartney hated it! Haha. We started off with squash (which was Presley and Jackson's favorite vegetable). She made the saddest face and started to bawl her eyes out! I felt so bad and decided to give her bananas. I was sure she would LOVE them. Well, I was wrong. She pinched her mouth shut so tight and we had to cram the bananas in there. She made a face of disgust and I gave up. I didn't want to torture her any longer. Presley was so sweet, and kept trying to get McCartney excited about about the food. She even did the whole "airplane" move. And she kept saying, "Come on McCarts. It is soooo yummy." It was the cutest thing. 

After McCartney wouldn't eat the bananas, Presley asked for a bite. I gave her one. This resulted in Jackson wanting a bite. They were so obsessed with it that they turned into vultures. Presley ended up licking the container clean. Well, at least somebody liked it! Haha. 

***Update: Yesterday we tried applesauce and even though McCartney made a scrunched up, "this is disgusting" face, she ate most of it. We are getting somewhere... 

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