Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wednesday Outing: Swimming at Nana's

On Wednesday we decided to hang out at Nana's. We went swimming in the freezing cold water. I barely got in and my excuse was that "I had to take care of McCartney." It was mostly true but I may have been more of a wimp than I want to admit. Presley, Jackson and especially my mom were the true warriors. They dove right in and had no problem with the temperature of the water. My mom was even diving down to grab rings at the bottom of the pool. Crazy, I tell ya. After we swam, we had a little outdoor picnic and even made sno cones (my fave!). We gave the kids baths and headed to the park down the street. 

There was one moment where my mom and I were laying on the grass talking about how perfect the day was and how happy we were. I will remember that for years to come. I kept thinking in my head, Wow, I love my mom. She makes me laugh so hard and is so open and honest. I couldn't ask for better. She didn't know I was thinking that but I was. My mom and I always have the best time together and I am truly going to miss our Wednesday Outings when I go back to work. When the days don't always seem great, or some rough things come our way, life always gives these simple, beautiful moments to make us feel so lucky to be alive. All it took for me was some grass, the sound of my kids laughing, warm weather, and my beautiful mother lying next to me. 

***We skipped the naps and the kids were in bed by 6:00pm. I have to say, I didn't mind that part at all. ;)

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