Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Longest 3 Weeks

Okay so here it goes (and if you don't want to read this whole long story I completely understand):

3 weeks ago, Kyle and I decided to run in a 5K race. We have been talking about doing this for a while. Something to challenge us and something for us to do together as a family. I had been running on the treadmill for weeks and lifting weights and was in pretty darn good shape. My only problem was: I never made it outside to train. When the day of the race approached, Kyle and I were pumped. We got to the race with 2 strollers and 3 excited little kids. I decided to push McCartney in one stroller while Kyle pushed Presley in Jackson in the other. It was such a tough run but we made it the whole time without stopping. We ran the entire thing. When we reached the finish line, I was so proud of myself. It was the first race I have ever done (other than high school track) and I told Kyle, "We  should do a race every month!" Little did I know...

The next morning I was sore and I noticed that my right shin was hurting. Kyle told me that I had gotten a shin splint and that I needed to ice it. I even started taking some leftover Naproxen (which is a strong Ibuprofen). All week, my shin continued to throb and I continued to ice it. My mom, friends, and anyone I encountered was sure it was a shin splint and reminded me how painful they can be. I remember getting them in high school and I remember them being painful but for some reason this seemed a bit more painful than normal. But I still continued on...

Easter weekend was FILLED with so many activities. I even wrote about it a couple posts back. I did so much and was on my feet constantly. It must have all caught up to me because on Monday night, I did not sleep at all. I was up all night in excrutiating pain. I finally made the decision to go into an Urgent Care on Tuesday morning. There happened to be a sports doctor working and I was very excited about getting some answers. He did an x-ray on my leg and it showed a stress fracture. I was so unbelievably relieved that it was just as I thought: more than a shin splint. He gave me a boot and a prescription for more Naproxen and told me to rest. I was optimistic. Later that Tuesday, the Naproxen was not enough for the pain. I had some leftover Percocet from my C-Section and I made the decision to start taking it. It helped briefly but not for long. And here is where it gets ugly...

Every single night that week, I did not sleep at all. I would hobble into the living room, sit on the floor, and rock myself back and forth. The pain was out of this world. My leg was throbbing, stabbing, pulsating, and extremely tender to the touch. I had so many dark moments that week and so many moments where I just wanted to die. I am crying as I type this because reliving those moments are beyond painful to even think about. I know it sounds crazy and a maybe you might think I was being weak but I promise you--I have never in my life felt pain as bad as this. I didn't know how much longer I could deal and so on Friday morning, my parents made the decision to take me to John C. Lincoln-urgent services. It is almost like a hospital but without all the bells and whistles. My dad got to witness how much suffering I have been enduring all week. He was so supportive and there for me every step of the way. He never called me crazy or made me feel like this pain was not real. My mom and mother-in-law stayed behind and took care of the kids-which I will forever be grateful for. 

The doctor was a complete a-hole and did not take me seriously. He had me do a CAT-SCAN which showed a muscle tear. He injected me with two rounds of morphine which did not help at all. He went for the third when we finally said, "No. This isn't working. I need something else." The nurses gave me an anti-inflammatory and it took the pain away almost instantly. They wrapped my leg and sent me home to rest. On Friday night, I woke up in such incredible pain. I went back into the living room and started counting to 100. I did this 32 times. I finally crawled into our bedroom and screamed for Kyle to take me back to the hospital. We went back to the same John C. hospital and a new doctor was on shift. She was incredibly sweet and listened to me. I told her, "NOTHING IS WORKING! I should not be in this much pain." She wrote me a prescription for a muscle relaxer and told me to ice it and call an orthopedic doctor on Monday. I left the hospital again with no answers. 

I got through Saturday (I don't know how) and I got through Sunday (I also don't know how). I missed my kids' birthday party which was extremely hard to swallow. Thankfully I had so many friends and family members here to make sure that Presley and Jackson had the best time ever. They even sent me updates throughout the whole party. And Kyle took so many great pictures for me on our good camera.

On Monday morning, my mom took the older kids to daycare so she could take better care of me and McCartney. Kyle gave me a warm bath and then walked me back to the bed. My mom took one look at me and was like, "You are not okay." I said, "No, I am not okay at all. I don't want to be in my body anymore." The pain wasn't getting better and I even had a huge spot on my leg that was swelling and so painful to touch. My mom called my dad and he said, "Take her to the real John C. Lincoln and do not let her leave until we get her some answers." And that is what we did...

Monday morning we checked into John C. Lincoln-Deer Valley and waited to be called back. Finally we were, and they got me hooked up to more pain meds. They ordered a MRI for me and it showed some liquid in my leg. That result made them send me upstairs to be admitted overnight. The nurses upstairs were so unbelievably nice and took such good care of me and kept the pain under control. The orthopedic surgeon finally made his visit to my room that night. He did not like what he saw and decided to cut me open the following evening. 

On Tuesday evening, I had my leg cut open and THANK GOD I did because he found an abscess of blood collecting into a ball (hematoma) and a ton of pus underneath which indicated an infection. No wonder why I was in so much pain! No wonder why I wasn't getting better. I am so glad I didn't give up the fight and finally got some answers! I knew I wasn't crazy! 

I am now at home, getting better by the minute. I have an open wound that an at-home nurse named Beverly has been taking care of for me. Every day she comes by and changes the gauze in the wound, measures the cut, and then wraps me back up. It sure is painful but I will take the pain knowing I am healing and heading in the right direction. She says I am recovering nicely. I recently started walking (aka: hobbling) without my crutches and I am still not 100% there but every day is getting easier. My nurse asked me if I wanted her to call in some physical therapists and I said, "Hell no. I am going to do this on my own." And guess what? I am.

My advice to anyone reading this is to never settle if you know you are not getting better. We know our body the best. We know when something isn't right. Never take no for an answer. 

Here is to getting better and getting back to being a mom and appreciating all the little things in life.

Thank you to my husband for entertaining the kids this weekend, my mom for taking care of everything all week so that I could rest, my mother-in-law who helped take care of things while she was here, and my dad who pushed me to keep going to the hospital to get some answers. Thank you to everyone who never doubted my pain. Also, thank you to all my wonderful friends who literally checked up on me EVERY single day. It means the world. More than you could possibly ever know. 

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