Monday, April 6, 2015

Pics from the Weekend

 This weekend was JAM-packed full of fun! On Friday morning we dyed Easter eggs...which mostly consisted of me doing all the work. Haha. Friday afternoon we had a playdate with Isla and her Aunt Erin (see pics above). Isla and Presley play SO well together and besides one little glass slipper incident (we are working on the sharing), the girls had a great time together. Friday evening we did our weekly park date with Tina and the kids and ended the night by eating at Connolly's Sports Grill.  

On Saturday, my mom took Presley to dance and then after dance, I took all 3 kids to Scottsdale to meet Cassie,  her boyfriend, and her mom at The Cheesecake Factory (see pics above). Even though the kids were a little wild at lunch, I enjoyed every second I got with them. Cassie's boyfriend is the sweetest and I hadn't seen her mom since Presley was itty bitty. After lunch, we went to John's 2nd birthday party. Can't believe he is already 2! Later that night my mom watched the kids so that Kyle and I could go out and help Christy celebrate her birthday. We ate at the Indigo Crow and country danced at our favorite place, Buffalo Chip. What a fun night but boy was I exhausted the next morning.

On Sunday we continued the madness and had our own early morning Easter egg hunt. Then we headed to my parents for brunch and ANOTHER egg hunt. Then we all went home to take quick naps before we went to Kurt and Sara's house to celebrate Khloe turning two! 

Such a fun but exhausting weekend. I am falling asleep as I type this. Just kidding...kind-of. 

I can't wait to share the pics from Easter! Stay tuned...

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