Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wednesday Outing: CrackerJax

For this week's Wednesday outing, we took the kids to CrackerJax in Scottsdale. It has all these fun things to do: bumper boats, go-carts, mini golf, laser tag, arcade games, batting cages, and a driving range. However, we quickly realized that the kids were too short to do MOST of the activities. And the mini golf was just too difficult for them to grasp. So we just stuck to the arcade games inside. We ended up winning 850 tickets and it got us two squishy frogs, a ball, and a bracelet and ring for Presley. Basically we could have bought all those things at Walgreens for $5.00 but hey! We had way more fun trying to win them.

I think I am going to take Kyle back here for a date night so that I can beat him in mini golf, hit more balls than him at the batting cages, destroy him in the go-cart races, and shoot him a million times in laser tag. Ha! But seriously, what a fun place to have a date. 

We will take the kids back when they grow a few inches and learn how to hold a golf club. :)

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