Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wednesday Outing: Bowling

 ^^^She loves bowling so much that we are thinking of doing her birthday party here next year.^^^

 ^^^My mom is a pro.^^^
 ^^^He did not like when I tried to step in and help.^^^

 ^^^All tuckered out from bowling his heart out.^^^

Two Wednesday's ago we tried to take the kids bowling but unfortunately all the alleys around town were booked with leagues. So...we just ended up taking them to the mall to play on the playground. I didn't post any pics because I was too busy shopping for dresses (thanks mom for watching the kids). We ate lunch at Sbarro's and it still ending up being a pretty fun day. 

This week, however, we made sure to call first. We found an alley close to home that was not booked. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. The kids had a blast! Presley could have stayed there all day. Jackson, on the other hand, was completely over it after one game. He is a one bowl wonder. Lol. He did put his whole energy into that one game though. He did not want ANY help from Nana or me. There were a couple times I was so scared he was going to drop that 6 pound ball on his toesies. but...he didn't! Jackson bowled the first strike of the day and I hate to say it but: both my kids did better than me. How embarrassing! :0 

I love my Wednesday Outings with my mom. I am sure going to miss doing this when I go back to work. Here is to next week... 
We better start thinking about what we are going to do!

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