Friday, March 27, 2015

Tummy Time and Thumb Sucking

 We have been doing a lot of tummy time around here and of course, McCartney likes to take some thumb sucking breaks. She refuses to use the pacifier. But hey! It's actually pretty nice because she soothes herself and I don't have to stick a binky in her mouth 582 times a day. I might hate it when she gets older because I can't take away her thumb or anything, but for now--it works! 

I am thinking she might be teething because she has been drooling a lot lately and sucking on more than just her thumb. Basically anything she can get her hands on! Her cheeks are also rosy red. If she really is getting some teeth in though, other than the visual signs, I wouldn't know it! She is just as happy as ever! Such a sweet baby I got here. 

Before I know it, she will be crawling and have teeth! My momma heart can't handle it!

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