Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Riding off into the Sunset

 ^^^Terrible picture of me because of the weird shadows but oh well!^^^
 ^^^My horse was named, Cowboy and Kyle's horse was named, Bennett. 
 ^^^I kept turning around and taking pictures of Kyle; he looked soooo hot.^^^
 ^^^The two girls that were in our group were the sweetest.^^^

 ^^^The funniest/cutest mane.^^^

^^^Pictures don't even begin to do this sunset justice.^^^
Kyle and I went on an hour and a half horse ride into the sunset on Monday evening. My mom was kind enough to watch the kids. It was honestly one of my favorite experiences...ever. It was so therapeutic and relaxing. It was also so unbelievably nice to disconnect from the outside world for a few hours. Besides snapping a few photos on my phone, I did not respond to text messages or look at Instagram even once. I know it sounds silly but it made me realize I need to do this A LOT more often. The scenery was so breathtaking. I kept looking around and thinking, Wow. I am so happy to be alive. And then I kept looking back at Kyle, who had the sweetest smile on his face, and I knew he felt the same way. 

At one point on the ride, we spotted a rattlesnake. The horses heard him rattle and got freaked out. It was scary but also exciting. We had to take a path off the trail to avoid him. Exhilarating, I tell you. 

After we were done, we went to El Encanto Dos and ate delicious Mexican food and drank Margaritas. The alcohol definitely helped me forget how sore I was. Man. Riding a horse really makes your bum ache. Haha. 

I cannot wait to take Presley back when she turns six...

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