Tuesday, March 3, 2015

McCartney, McCarts, Cartney, Carts

 McCartney is growing like a weed and I am seriously freaking out. 

What she has been up to lately (well, as much as a 3 month old CAN be up to):

1. Her Daddy can make her belly laugh so hard;
2. She is definitely a thumb sucker;
3. Sometimes she sleeps through the night and sometimes she doesn't;
4. She can roll over. We have witnessed it once and she has come so close to doing it again;
5. I can tell she wants to start reaching for objects but hasn't quite decided to do it yet;
6. She loves her swing, vibrating chair, Bumbo, and play mat;
7. She is so calm in the bath and in the car (thank goodness for that);
8. She hardly ever cries but when she does, BOY IS IT LOUD!;
9. She kicks her feet in the air (like she is riding a bicycle);
10. She is still exclusively on breastmilk and sure enjoys it (just look at those cheeks and rolls);
11. Her mother takes a million pictures of her a day and she doesn't seem to mind;
12. I catch her looking at her brother, sister, and dogs with complete awe. 
13. She looks SO MUCH like her brother Jackson that it is scary.
14. Her sister calls her: McCarts. I call her: Carts. Her brother calls her: Cartney.
15. She is such a smiley little thing.
16. She is very strong and can stand so well and lift her head so high. 

We sure love you lots over here, pretty girl. 

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