Monday, March 9, 2015

Friday Park Date

 We have been keeping up with our weekly playdates to the park with Tina and her kids. This time, her mom brought the girls since Tina just had her baby boy, Brady. Next week he will be able to join us and I cannot wait. We will have 6 kids to look after. Oh boy! Jackson continues to flirt with Leila and most of the time, she has to put him in check. Haha. She is little Miss Independent and cracks me up. I got Jackson's shirt at TotTude online and everyone at the park was staring at him like he really had a full sleeve of tattoos. He looked pretty cool if you ask me. The backwards hat just made him look even cooler too. 

It was hard to get a picture of Presley and her bestie, Keira because they are always off doing their own thing. I would catch some of their conversations and boy oh boy are they funny! I can only imagine what a couple more years will look like. Trouble with a capital T. 

Until next week when 6 kids will be needing us. We may need to go get an adult beverage after. ;)

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