Sunday, March 1, 2015


1. "Mom. Nana is waaaaay cooler than you."
2. "Boys and girls don't mix!"
3. Me: "Presley, put your blanket in the basket." Presley: "I am! Chill out!"
4. "You are so cute Jackson. I am going to die how cute you are."
5. "I was kind of good today, Mom."
6. "Well the thing is..." (she says this about everything).
7. "Mom. I am sorry I got up so early. I did not sleep until the sun was awake."
8. "Daddy. I didn't use to like you. But I like you a lot more now." Where does she get this stuff from?
9. Referring to McCartney, "Oh sweet girl." And she says this in the cutest voice. 
10. "When Mccartney gets bigger, we are going to be best friends."
11. "Want to know something, Mom? The leaves turn brown and orange in the fall."
12. "Want to know something else, Mom? When I get bigger and lose a tooth, the tooth fairy is going to leave me A LOT of money!" 
13. "I am so thirsty! I am going to die!" She is soooo dramatic, this one.

This girl continues to crack us up. 
Happy Sunday!

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