Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wednesday Outing: Wildlife Zoo

 ^^^Jackson kept saying: "Choo Choo!"

 ^^^Big Pokeys!!!^^^

 ^^^Presley rode the log water slide like a champ!^^^
 ^^^Jackson is obsessed with goats.^^^
 ^^^Is this not the cutest goat you have ever seen?^^^

 ^^^Such a fun Nana!^^^

 Are you sick of the zoo pictures? Because...we aren't!!! My mom and I decided to try out the Wildlife Zoo in Surprise for this week's Wednesday Outing. We really liked it a lot! There were so many animals and fun things to do. And the best part: the weather was perfect yet again. It is days like these that make me appreciate Arizona even more (especially knowing that people back East are experiencing blizzards and snow storms). 

I am noticing more and more as the days go on how increasingly independent Jackson is becoming. He wants to do everything himself. At the zoo, he kept going off on his own adventures completely ignoring me when I was yelling at him to come back. It was so frustrating but at one point I said to my mom, "This is hard. But its a good thing. It means he is growing and learning." Here comes the Terrible Two's! Oh joy. It is going to be so much fun! ;) 

Next Wednesday we are going to Peter Piper Pizza...

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