Monday, February 9, 2015


1. "Mom. You need to workout with Daddy so you can get your body MOVING!" 
2. "I heard you the first time!" (with soooo much attitude in her voice).
3. When it was raining outside she said, "I don't really like rain. It is definitely not my favorite weather."
4. I told her she needed to go to bed in 5 minutes and she said, "No. 20 minutes. 20 is way more than 5."
5. When I told her to hurry up and get in the car she said, "I am! Be patient!" 
6. "Mom. I can't wait to go to Kindergarten. I am going to get a backpack and put art supplies in there and walk in and say, 'Hi! I am Presley Banae Von Tersch!" 
7. "Is it Valentine's Day yet? I can't wait for this day of love."
8. She is really good at identifying letters of the alphabet everywhere we go and she loves to sound them out.
9. We have been working in a Kindergarten workbook and she is killing it! It is almost too easy for her. :)
10. "Mom. We are best friends."
11. And my favorite one happened when she was with Kyle. We have been giving her quarters and dimes for good behavior and she has been saving them in her piggy bank. She went to go get donuts with Kyle yesterday and asked him, "Why can't Jackson come with us too?" Kyle said, "Because I don't have an extra carseat for him in my car." She responded with, "I will use my coins in my piggy bank to buy you a new carseat, Daddy." Gotta love her. 

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