Friday, January 9, 2015

Pokey Says Hello

Jackson woke up from his nap early yesterday so I decided to take him outside (since it was so beautiful) and spend some time with him before his sister woke up. I, of course, took my camera outside with me hoping to capture some good shots of this handsome boy. He is always on the move so it is getting harder and harder to take a picture of him. This time, I was in luck. I captured some of my favorite shots of all time. His face just melts me. 

Anyway, when we stepped outside I was shocked when I saw our tortoise, Pokey walking around. He is in hibernation and isn't supposed to come out until April/May. I was a little worried until my mom assured me that he is probably out to enjoy the warm weather and will return to hibernation when it gets cooler. I was so excited to see him (I miss him so much when he is in hibernation) but I think Jackson was even more excited. He screamed, "Pokey!!!" and ran to the fridge to grab him some veggies. When Presley finally woke from her nap, she was a bit crabby. I told her about Pokey and just like that, she was instantly in the best mood and couldn't wait to get outside to see him. Pokey has that effect on people. :)

I am secretly hoping it stays warm so that Pokey won't have to leave us again. Seeing him every day sure makes us smile around here. But...if he goes back into hibernation (which most likely he will), we will count down the days until he joins us again and we get to see his cute little shell roaming around the backyard all day. 

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