Saturday, January 3, 2015

Playdate with Connor and Nolan

 After many months of talking about it and planning and rescheduling, Kim and I finally got the kids together for a much needed playdate. Connor and Presley always play so well together and are so funny to watch. They have such a flirty, sweet relationship. Kim's other son, Nolan is such a doll and has gotten so big! He is crawling all over the place. Jackson tried to keep up with Presley and Connor and then eventually settled on hanging out with Nolan. The only problem was that Jackson assumed Nolan could play the same way as him and even sat on his back and tried to ride him like a pony at one point. Haha. Poor Jackson. One day we will bring one of your friends over to play. 

Now that I am off until August, I really need to do a better job at meeting up with my friends for playdates. It is a win-win: I get to sit and chat and the kids get to play with someone that is a little more fun than their mom. Okay, lets be real. A lot more fun. :)

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