Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wednesday Outing: The Phoenix Zoo

 ^^^This was my first time ever riding a camel and I got to do it with my two babies. His name was Isaac the Camel and he was the sweetest thing. Camels might be on my list of favorite animals after this experience.^^^
 ^^^This face. So full of wonder and curiosity.^^^
 ^^^One of my favorite animals. Who doesn't love a giraffe?^^^
 ^^^We learned that if you shave a zebra, he will be all one color. His stripes do not go through more than one layer of skin. Interesting!"^^^

 ^^^"ROAR!" Jackson can do a fierce impression of tigers. ;) ^^^

 ^^^It was so funny watching Presley and Jackson interact with the goats. They wanted to make sure to talk to and brush every single goat in the pen. There were like 25 of them.^^^
 ^^^My little monkey.^^^

 ^^^She would have stayed on here all day, if we let her.^^^
 ^^^If this isn't pure joy, I do not know what is.^^^
 ^^^Jackson was fascinated with the ducks. He kept saying, "Duckie! Quack, Quack!"
 ^^^McCartney was so good. She only woke up once to feed and then went back to sleep. I cannot wait until she is old enough to enjoy the animals and run around with her brother and sister.^^^

 ^^^Presley and Jackson surprised Nana and me with their climbing skills. They both went up this rope web really fast. They are so coordinated. I would have fell through the holes.^^^
 ^^^Always getting dirty, this one.^^^
 ^^^The kids had the best time running through the tunnel. They probably went through it 100 times each.^^^
^^^My mom is such a kid at heart.^^^

My mom and I took the kids to the Phoenix Zoo and we couldn't have picked a better day. The weather was absolutely perfect. We had so much fun that we stayed there from 10:00-3:30 and honestly, if it wasn't for us trying to beat traffic, we would have stayed longer. I had the best time with my mom. She is a blast! I can't wait until we plan the next outing. It sure beats staying at home all day watching my little monkeys destroy the house. The zoo might become our second home. ;) 

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