Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Chunky Monkey

McCartney had her one month appointment yesterday. She is technically 6 weeks old. It was hard to get her in at one month because of the holidays. My husband, my mom, and I always have a bet on how much she is going to weigh. Kyle guessed 8.4, my mom guessed 8, and I guessed 10 pounds. I knew she had to be closer to 10 because she is now officially out of her newborn clothes and into 0-3 months. She is also no longer wearing a newborn diaper and is in a size 1. Lets not talk about that though because I had such a hard time folding up those newborn clothes knowing I would never be able to use them again. I also am having a hard time realizing how fast this little girl is growing (cue tears). 

Anyway, McCartney got weighed at her doctor's appointment and she was one ounce shy of being 11 pounds!!! She went from the 27th percentile to the 80th!! My plan to fatten her up is really working. I love me a chunky baby. The doctor kept saying, "Good work, Momma!" 

McCartney is such a good little baby and I still can't understand how I got so darn lucky. She is now sleeping in her crib, swaddled, while I sleep next door in the guest room. Last night she slept from 8:15pm-1:30am and then from 1:30am-7:00am! I felt like a new woman when I woke up this morning. My plan is to have her sleeping through the night by 8-9 weeks. Wish me luck! When I looked back at the baby books, I discovered that Presley slept through the night at 7 weeks and Jackson slept through the night at 8.5 weeks. If McCartney follows suit, I will be one lucky lady.

Lots of tummy time, cuddles, and kisses going on around here. I am trying to soak up every little ounce of her before she is running off to play with her siblings and before that dreaded moment when she pushes me away as I try to lay a big fat one on her. 

Slow down. I ask you that all the time and you never listen. Just do me the courtesy this once please. I will return the favor by enjoying every second I get with this sweet chunky baby of mine. 

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