Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye 2014; Hello 2015

 Yesterday we celebrated New Year's Eve by going to the Fiesta Bowl and watching UofA lose (can't say I was sad about that loss...haha). Then we got home to some excited kiddos (thanks mom for watching them) who couldn't wait to light up some sparklers. They have been waiting all week for this. I was a little nervous about the whole fire thing but Kyle had it under control. Presley's laugh was pure magic as she held on to the sparkler. I watched from inside because it was so dang cold outside. I don't know how Presley stood outside there barefoot. I guess the excitement overshadowed the coldness. 

Everyone crashed out around 8:00pm and McCartney and I were the only ones who were up at midnight having a milk party. As I sat there feeding her in an ever so quiet house, with only the sound of soft sucking noises and coos, I thought about how good 2014 has been to us. 2014 brought us our darling little girl. The girl who completed our family. In 2014, I got to witness Jackson turn into a toddler and see even more of his hilarious personality come out. In 2014, I got to see Presley become even more anxious to learn and master the art of manipulation. I think I got a glimpse into what she will be like when she turns 16. I better start preparing myself now. In 2014, I celebrated 5 years of marriage with my husband and became even closer to him as we tried to figure out this whole parenting thing together. 

I am looking forward to what 2015 has in store. I will get to watch my babies grow and learn and change. And I will get to spend so much time with them as they do this. I am sure my patience will be tested and I am sure I will have a couple mini breakdowns, but I am also sure that I will have so many moments of pure happiness. 

I only have two resolutions this year: to spend more quality time with my husband and to enjoy the little things that so often get overlooked.

Goodbye 2014. You have been so good to us. Hello 2015. I know you will be a great one. 

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