Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cupcakes and Snowflakes

 ^^^Waiting for our delicious grilled cheese and tater tots from The Grilled Cheese Truck.^^^
 ^^^He picked these flowers and held on to them for the longest time.^^^
 ^^^The yummiest Grilled Cheese Truck in all the land.^^^

 ^^^Presley's friend Reagan was there.^^^

 ^^^Cupcake face.^^^
 ^^^McCartney slept like an angel the whole time.^^^
 ^^^McCartney is not short on kisses, that's for sure. Presley and Jackson give her 100 a day.^^^

 ^^^The biggest Connect Four that my children had no idea how to play. But it was still fun!^^^

^^^The biggest Checkers that my kids also didn't know how to play. ;) ^^^

On Saturday, Christy and I took the kids to this event at the Sonoran Foothills Community Center called: Cupcakes and Snowflakes. You won't see any snow in these pictures though because we didn't get the memo to bring our own sleds to slide down the fake snow. So...we just stuck to the bounce houses and the lawn games...and the cupcakes of course. 

We started this event out at the Grilled Cheese Truck and man was it so good. I got a macaroni and cheese grilled cheese and Christy got a french dip grilled cheese. We also got a huge basket of the best and crispiest tater tots I have ever had. I might have to hunt down this Grilled Cheese Truck more often. It was worth every calorie. 

After we stuffed our faces, we headed to the bounce houses and the huge bounce slide. Christy was a great sport and took Jackson down while I watched a peaceful McCartney sleep. We finished the day eating cupcakes and attempting to play the over-sized lawn games...which ending up looking more like: how far can we throw each game piece. Haha!

Offer me grilled cheese and cupcakes and this Momma will come running...

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