Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Zoo Lights

 ^^^She saw a dancing gorilla and said, "Mom! Its a ballerina monkey! I am going to pose in front of him!" Haha. She cracks me up.^^^

 ^^^My new favorite picture of these two.^^^

 ^^^Jackson ran up to these lights screaming, "Balls!!!!!!!!" He is obsessed with anything ball shaped...including Christmas lights. We had to pry him away.^^^

 ^^^She wanted to pull her brother around everywhere.^^^

 My mom, Christy, and I took the kids to see Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo. It was everybody's first time going and we were pretty impressed. We all decided after we left that we want to hire the people who did the zoo lights to go crazy at our house. ;) Can you imagine? We would have the coolest house on the block. Presley and Jackson loved looking at all the lights and even McCartney woke up for some of it, was bright eyed and probably thinking, Wow. What is all this? The world is a beautiful place, my love.

When Presley woe up this morning, the first thing she said was, "Mom. We are going to Zoo Lights again tonight, right?" Haha. 

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