Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Three Babies

 ^^^My free-bird hippie (as Auntie Lanae calls her).^^^
 ^^^Mr. Pouty face.^^^

 ^^^This head is full of wild blonde hair.^^^
 ^^^So alert these days.^^^

I cannot stop taking pictures of my babies. I am loving being with them all the time and even though I have some days that are rougher than others, I always have several moments where I stop and think, I am the luckiest person in the world to be a mom to these three babies. 

I am slowly starting to get into a routine and slowly starting to get the hang of things. I have even tackled going several places with three kids (as you can see in some of my posts). I am trying to get out of the house at least once a day because otherwise, it makes for a reallllllly long day if we never get out of our pajamas (although some days it is very necessary to do just that). There are definitely some things I need to get better at. For example, having more of a routine for snacks and lunch. I am guilty of just leaving the pantry door open and letting the kids eat 500 packets of fruit snacks just to keep them happy. Then lunch time rolls around and my kids won't eat a bite. Hmmm...I wonder why. ;) 

One thing I am becoming extremely good at is being patient. There are so many times I could scream my head off and crawl into a ball and cry...but instead, I just sigh and say, "Oh well. Things happen. There is nothing I can do." Surprisingly, I am very calm these days. It is crazy that it took three kids to make me this way. Even with two kids, I would have a hard time accepting that things don't always go the way you planned and you cannot always be on time to every event. But now with three, I fully understand that that is the case 97% of the time. And you know what? I am totally okay with it. My main and first priority is these kids and if plans have to change because of them, so be it. :)

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