Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas at the Princess

On Saturday, we spent the evening at the Fairmont Princess Resort for "Christmas at the Princess." We had never gone before but I think we will start making this a yearly tradition. It was so much fun. First we got our pictures with Santa. This was our 3rd attempt. And on all three different occasions, Jackson hated the jolly guy. It doesn't matter if it is the morning, afternoon, or night. It doesn't matter if it is at the mall or a resort. Jackson is not having it. Haha. Presley, on the other hand, loves Santa. Maybe because she fully understands who is the man behind all of her gifts. And I sure know how much Presley wants to get her presents this year. Lately she has been saying, "I don't want that black stuff in my stocking, Mom." 

Next we rode on the carousel and then hung out by the fire pits (next year I think we will roast marshmallows for s'mores). After that, we ended the night on a train ride. It took us around the Princess resort to check out all the lights. 

The one thing we didn't attempt was the ice-skating rink. I was afraid I might fall on my butt and rip my incision open. Yikes. That would not be fun. However, maybe I will attempt to take Presley next year when she is a bit older and my C-section is healed. I don't think I will be any more coordinated by then, but you never know. ;)

10 more days until Christmas! I cannot believe how fast December is flying by! 

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