Tuesday, November 25, 2014

She is Here!!!!

 ^^^Moments before I got wheeled in to have my baby girl. I was a nervous wreck.^^^
 ^^^My beauty.^^^
 ^^^Daddy is already making her smile.^^^

McCartney Skye arrived yesterday (via scheduled C-Section) at 2:06pm. She weighed 6.6 pounds and is 19.5 inches long. Here are a few things I have learned or observed about our sweet girl over the last 15 hours:
-She is so alert and observant. Reminds me so much of when Presley was a baby.
-She has such a calm disposition and energy.
-She has been such a good sleeper. I have to wake her up every 3 hours so she can eat. 
-She has a head full of blonde hair. 
-She has a good mix of Presley and Jackson but I definitely see a lot of Presley in her.
-She is so itty bitty. I feel like I am holding a stuffed animal. Her ears are the size of my thumbs. ;)
-She has a great latch on my boobs and has made my job so much easier.
-She had her first bath and LOVED it. 
-She has the softest, sweetest cry and I am hoping that never changes.
-We are so madly, deeply in love with her. 

We are getting professional newborn photos at 9:00am today and I cannot wait to share!

Oh and Presley and Jackson get to meet their little sissy this afternoon!

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