Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter to my Daughter

Dear McCartney,

Hey sweet girl. You want to know something? Your arrival in my belly was an unexpected surprise. An unexpected, yet absolutely beautiful surprise. We always knew we wanted a third baby so when we found out we were expecting you, we were so happy that it was happening sooner than we had originally planned. And I always secretly wanted you to be a girl. So when we received the news, I could hardly contain my excitement. You were meant to be in our family. And it all worked out so perfectly. I had your name picked out for months and was happy that your Daddy liked it too. He is good at giving your momma what she wants. Your daddy is a great guy, McCartney. And you will fall in love with him the minute that you meet him.  Just like your momma did.

I only have 3 more weeks until I get to meet you face-to-face. Although I like having you close to me and safe and sound in my belly, I cannot wait to smother you in a million kisses. I hope its okay that I will be staring at you for hours and hours a day. My face won’t be as pleasant to look at. But yours. It will be divine. I may get a little more weepy than normal as you grow and reach each milestone. I know this will be because you are my last baby. You will complete our family. Our crazy, fun, oh so loveable family. So excuse my tears. They will be tears of happiness. Bittersweet happiness.

You are joining a family that will be filled with so much love. So much genuine love, my sweet girl. You have an older sister named Presley. She will probably boss you around, spoil you with attention, and maybe even be a bit overwhelming at times. But this will be because she truly cares for you. She will want to protect you and make you happy. She has been talking about your arrival for months now. So much so that she makes sure that you are included in everything. If we go to the park, she makes sure you are coming too. If she grabs a sucker at school for “Sucker Friday,” she grabs one for you too. She looks out for you, McCartney. And she will continue to do so when you make your appearance outside of my belly. You are lucky to have a big sister like her. And she will be lucky to have you too. Your little brother, Jackson will be young when you are born. So young that he won’t exactly grasp what is happening. However, I think that will quickly change as he ages and realizes how much he loves having you in his life. He is a sweet boy that will become one of your best friends. I can see you two causing trouble already. Harmless trouble of course. But just enough trouble to keep your worried momma on her toes.

You are also lucky enough to have three loving pets. Your first pet is a dog named, Bentley. He will lick you a lot and it will probably smell, but it is his way of giving you kisses. He is ever so gentle and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Your second pet is a dog named Colby. He will pretend to ignore you but when he does come in contact with you, he will snuggle up and be so cuddly. He will also follow you around the house. If you look around the corner, there he will be. Always an observer, that one. Your third pet is a dessert tortoise named Pokey. He is so much fun to watch and feed. He too is just as gentle as ever. He will be in hibernation when you are born and won’t come out until April or May. We will patiently wait for him and get so excited when we finally spot him. The family sure misses him when he is sleeping. You will too. How do I know? I just do.

3 more weeks until you make your glorious appearance…unless you decide to join us earlier. I can hardly contain my excitement. We love you already, sweet girl.


You Mommy, Daddy, Sister, Brother, and Pets

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