Friday, November 14, 2014

Coming to an End

Even though I am going to try to take one more belly shot next week (at 39 weeks), I thought I better post these now...just in case Miss McCartney decides to come early. 

I can still hardly believe how fast these past 9 months flew by. It seems like just yesterday that I was peeing on a stick (so sure that I could not be spontaneously pregnant) and then being in complete and utter shock when I found out I was. Although, if I really think about that seems like forever ago. Who am I kidding? This has been a looooooong nine months. I think it seems long because I had to endure an endless, hot summer with two crazy kids keeping me oh so busy. To say I got to relax this pregnancy would be a complete lie. Haha. But I loved every second of it. Okay. Maybe not every second... Actually hardly any of it at all, if you ask my husband. I was definitely caught complaining more than once. Haha. Poor Kyle. I have been an emotional, whiny mess. 

Don't get me wrong. I am BEYOND thankful for the baby growing inside of me. I just think my body has had enough of this whole pregnancy thing. I mean 3 pregnancies in 3.5 years sure does make you crazy. 

And that brings me to my next point: although I feel happy that this pregnancy is coming to an end and that this baby will complete our family, I know I will start having baby fever here in 6 months or so. That's just the way it goes. See? I told you I am crazy. I just got done complaining about being pregnant and I am already talking about how I will miss it. Haha. But that is why it is VERY important for me to get my tubes tied. I feel like if I didn't make this permanent decision, Kyle and I would be starring in our own reality TV series one day. And it would be titled: "Move Over Duggars. The Von Tersch's are in Town." Or maybe: "32 Kids and Counting." :) 

I feel at peace with my decision to make McCartney my last. Like I said, I know I will have my days where I find myself staring at a pregnant lady wishing I was carrying again too but I think I will have more days where I am just plain thankful. Thankful for the 3 beautiful, healthy babies that surround me. Thankful for the love these three will be showering me with. And thankful that one day my husband and I will actually have time to schedule weekly date nights. Or go on a vacation just the two of us. I can probably convince my mom to watch 3 kids for a weekend or so. But 32 kids? Not a chance in hell. ;)

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