Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sibling Love

 ^^^They danced around the living room holding hands and singing, "We will always be friends forever..." And then they fell on the floor and laugh so hard.^^^
^^^Presley: "This is my brother and I love him."^^^

^^^Presley: "Don't worry, Brother. I won't ever let you fall."^^^
 ^^^She took the "hold on to your brother" instruction very seriously.^^^
Jackson is finally at a perfect age to be a great "playing partner" for Presley. They follow each other around everywhere. Immediately after Presley does something, Jackson does it too. And recently it has become the other way around as well. It is the cutest thing to watch. Jackson is so mesmerized by his sister and thinks she is the funniest person alive. The relationship they have started to build is quite special. It makes my heart explode with happiness knowing how much they truly love each other. My only hope is that their relationship continues to grow and becomes even stronger. 

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