Monday, October 6, 2014

Kiwi Crate-Building a Castle

A couple weeks ago we received our first Kiwi Crate box. If you don't know what it is, check out at: 
It is a box filled with educational and creative project ideas and supplies for your kids. I signed up for the monthly subscription and will receive one box a month. I am not good at coming up with new and inspirational projects and I am too lazy to go to the store to get the supplies when I do. When I heard about this through Keira's mom, Tina, I was sold. This is the perfect way to make sure that Presley (and even Jackson) are doing at least two to three fun and innovative projects a month. And I really have no excuse when all the work has been done for me and it is delivered to my front door! The first project we created was a castle. It came with all the pieces to build the castle walls, all the characters, stickers to decorate the characters and castle, and felt pieces to build your own mini flags. Presley had such a good time building the whole thing and then playing with all the characters after. She even insisted on putting her princess gown on in order to get the full effect. Makes sense, right? I made sure to put her hair in a "princess bun" to complete the look. Jackson had a good time helping his big sister and then when he was "over it" and tried to destroy every piece they had just built, I gave him some food and had him move on to something else...haha. Check out the pics below to see our creation and how serious these kids took this project (well at least Presley anyway).

Next week we will attempt the catapult...
 ^^^Taking her job seriously.^^^
 ^^^We need to work on how Presley holds her scissors.^^^
 ^^^Seriously into it for a few good minutes.^^^

 ^^^The look he gives before he is about to do something naughty.^^^
 ^^^So excited about the flag he made.^^^

 ^^^Isn't this what the felt is for? Silly boy.^^^

 ^^^Some of the castle characters.^^^

 ^^^This is the part where she is making the scary dragon enter the castle and scare the princess.^^^

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